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More professional alternative to Trello

Trello only allows you to create boards for different projects, so if you need a more comprehensive way to manage your workflow then Grabee may be a better option for you.

Grabee vs Trello comparision
  • Clean and modern interface

    Clean and modern interface

    Grabee has a clean and modern interface, while UserVoice has a more traditional design.

  • More brand customizations

    More brand customizations

    We offer more brand customization than UserVoice, including the ability to change color schemes and fonts.

  • Custom domain at lower price

    Custom domain at lower price

    Grabee offers a custom domain name for your customer feedback tool at a lower price than UserVoice does - free, in fact!

Comparison Trello vs Grabee

Quick look: Why people prefer Grabee over Trello?
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  • Little Star

    Hard to customize roadmap

    Trello has no roadmap customization like open-graph image, colors, headings and design.

  • Little Star

    Cannot customize board slug

    Trello lacks custom domain customization which limits your brand feel, look and reach.

  • Little Star

    Does not support feature voting

    Trello does not support feature voting board to prioritize features.

  • Little Star

    Outdated user interface, while functional, can be more complex and harder to use. This may result in a lower adoption rate and decreased user satisfaction.

  • Little Star

    Embeds are not possible

    Trello just provides a public Trello branded domain which makes it hard to embed the Trello roadmap anywhere.

  • Little Star

    Customizable public roadmaps

    Customize every aspect of your roadmap. Make it yours with customizable roadmaps!

  • Little Star

    Set custom domain

    Set a custom domain for your public feedback portal to make it more professional and easy for users to find.

  • Little Star

    Easy to prioritize features based user votes

    With Grabee, prioritize features based on impact, and urgency.

  • Little Star

    Modern & catchy user interface

    Grabee offers a clean, streamlined interface that's easy to use and intuitively designed. This helps to streamline the feedback process and increase overall efficiency.

  • Little Star

    Embed roadmap anywhere

    With Grabee, you can easily embed feedback boards, public roadmap and changelog anywhere inside your product.

Best Trello Alternative

Grabee is a modern Trello alternative

Grabee is the best Trello alternative which is a feedback tool that helps you build higher-quality products and better understand your users with less effort. It's built to be easy to use, and it integrates with your existing workflow so you can start getting feedback right away.

Grabee helps collect feedback from different platforms

Collecting feedback from different platforms including email, Discord, Slack, Intercom and social media.

More on feedback boards
Grabee helps collect feedback from different platforms

Better customizations than Trello

Maintain brand consistency, choose bespoke brand colours for your background, text, and buttons.

Better customizations than Trello

Set custom domain

To make your public feedback portal look more professional and be simpler for visitors to locate, set a custom domain for it.

Set custom domain

Powerful text editor

To make it simpler for you to produce rich-text content, Grabee offers a robust text editor.

Powerful text editor

Better way to prioritize features

Make your users feel excited about what's coming next and are more likely to share their excitement with others.

Better way to prioritize features

FAQ on Grabee vs Trello

Everything you need to know

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

  • What are the differences between Grabee & Trello?

    Grabee is a feedback tool that allows you to collect, organize, and share your team's feedback in one place. Trello is a project management tool that lets you organize your projects and tasks into boards.

  • Do I need a Credit Card to try Grabee?

    No, you don't need to have a credit card to start using Grabee. You can sign up for free with your email address and start collecting customer feedback right away!

  • Does Grabee offer a free trial?

    Yes! You can get started with Grabee by signing up for a 14 day free trial. It's completely free and comes with all the features you need to get started with your customer feedback management.

  • Do users have to signup to give feedback?

    No, they don't! Users can leave feedback anonymously or register and leave their email so that you can reach out if you have questions or concerns about their feedback.

  • Can I use Grabee as both an internal and a public feedback tool?

    Yes! You can use Grabee to collect feedback both from your internal team and from external users. The platform is highly customizable so that you can easily change feedback board privacy that serves your specific needs.

  • Can I embed a feedback board on my website?

    You bet! Grabee allows you to embed a feedback board directly into any page or section of your website, so customers can give their feedback right where they're reading about your product or service.

  • Can I import posts into Grabee?

    Yes! Grabee is designed to import all of your old data and keep it organized for you. Just let us know in chat support and we will be happy to help you at no extra cost.

  • Can I connect my own custom domain?

    Yes, you can set up your own custom domain by going to Settings > Custom Domain and adding your domain name there!

  • Can I whitelabel Grabee?

    Yes! Grabee is fully customizable, so you can customize the look and feel of your public portal as well as add company branding. We also have a number of themes available.

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