Explore Feedback Cycle

Close feedback loop from collecting to announcing new product updates.

User feedback tool to grab real input from your users to stop you from assuming their needs. Instead, let your users share their needs in their own voices.

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Grabee help with closing product feedback cycle for SaaS founders and product managers
The Problem

You'll never have to make product decisions based on anecdotal data

Getting real input from users stops you from assuming their needs. You know all those great ideas you have? We want you to try them, lots of them, and find out what works.

For SaaS Founders

Don't waste time collecting feedback from different sources.

Collect and manage user feedback from different platforms in one place and avoid duplicate user feedback.

Collect user feedback in grabee from sources like Gmail, Slack, Intercom, and Discord
For Product & Growth Teams

Stop guessing which feature will have the most value and impact.

Keep track of feature requests and understand which feedback carry the most impact and should be prioritized.

Product & growth managers prioritize feedback and analyze the impact and value of each feature request
Collect user feedback

Collect and categorize feedback in Feedback Boards

Feedback board keeps all of your product's feedback in one place. You can even set up a private board if you want to collect feedback from only certain people or groups. Or create a public board if you want everyone to be involved!

Grabee integrations with Jira, Discord, ClickUp, Slack, Linear, Intercom

Identify Users

Identify your users who asked for what and who upvoted which feature.

Board Privacy

Keep some of your boards private for your internal stakeholders.

Vote on Behalf

Let your sales team vote of behalf of your users when they encouter one.

Prioritize Roadmap

Analyze and Prioritize Roadmap based on your user segment

Grabee's feedback prioritization tool helps you identify what to build next, so you can spend more time building and less time deciding.

Grabee integrations with Jira, Discord, ClickUp, Slack, Linear, Intercom

User Segment

Filter popular posts by segment so your most valuable customers don't get diluted.

Priority Table

Score and rank features so you're building the most impactful feature.

Product Roadmap

Public roadmap to show that your team is working hard to improve the product.

Product Changelog

Close feedback loop with a public Product Changelog

A public product changelog is a great way to keep your users informed of changes to your product. It also helps you close the feedback loop and understand how your users are interacting with your product.

Grabee integrations with Jira, Discord, ClickUp, Slack, Linear, Intercom

Notify users

Notify users about new product updates, so you can keep them engaged.

Embed anywhere

Embed in-app widget anywhere in your product dashboard or website.

Schedule Releases

Schedule your changelogs about new feature updates or product releases.

Reduce churn
by listening to your users Grabee Users and make them feel invested in your product

Feeling heard is huge when it comes to brand loyalty and keeping your users around.

57% of users churn

if their feedback goes unaddressed by the product team.

Source: Fundera

55% of user requests

are not acknowledged by the sales team.

Source: Huffpost

11% of user churns

could be prevented with a simple feedback management tool

Source: Huffpost
Grabee Integration

Integrate Grabee with products your team already uses

You can collect feedback manually or by using one of our integrations. Every customer-facing team member should capture the feedback they hear.

Grabee integrations with Jira, Discord, ClickUp, Slack, Linear, Intercom

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you are looking for?

What is Grabee?

Grabee is a user feedback tool for collecting and managing user feedback in one place. It enables your team to make data-informed decisions to build the most meaningful product for your users.

Why should I use Grabee?

One place to manage all user feedback. Collect user feedback from different platforms and manage and prioritize those feedback in one place. Real input from your users to stop you from assuming their needs. Instead, let your users share their needs in their own voices.

When is the expected beta launch of Grabee?

Currently we are on schedule of accepting our first beta users by end of Jan 2023. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you to be a part of our first beta user group.

How do I get started?

Currently we are only accepting early birds so you can sign up for our wailist and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who can use Grabee?

Anyone who needs to understand what their users think about their products or services. It's especially helpful for founders and product managers who are looking for inspiration or direction when working on new designs or features for their products/services - but anyone who relies on user feedback can benefit from using this tool!